Are you near the Lifetime Allowance on your pension contributions?

The pension lifetime allowance rose by £18,100 to £1.0731 million in April 2020, where it will remain until 2026. For the unprepared who haven't considered all their options, this could mean significant tax-charges or rash decisions taken at the detriment of their wealth.  

We urge you to arrange an introductory phone call with us, at our expense. We're based in London and help people all over the South-East. 

We help people who have breached,  or are close to breaching, their lifetime allowance on pension contributions. We keep our process simple, easy to understand and take care of the complexity. We advise on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis with the aim of maximising your wealth and welfare. 

Our clients have a fully regulated and highly qualified professional to talk to, to whom they can explain their questions and issues to receive clear advice and structure. 

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We help you with: 
  • The underlying pension investments.
  • Pension planning.
  • Lifetime allowance help.
  • Wealth management.

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